El Centro - Isla Mujeres Hotel - Isla Mujeres Real Estate
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El Centro  Isla Mujeres Hotel

USD $4,500,000

Hotels and homes in Isla Mujeres have become a surge of popularity. Isla Mujeres has quiet residential neighborhoods as well a high end resort condominiums

This Beautiful Hotel located in the sandy and beautiful beach or Isla Mujeres,, magnificent inversion for vacationals who wnjoy the activities that Isla Mujeres Offers:

The different companies located on Isla Mujeres beaches offer all the equipment necessary for water sports, and a wonderful opportunity to live the most exciting marine experience and take a close look at fabulous coral formations, as well as a wide variety of multicolored fish.

Isla Mujeres has water activities for all ages. You can rent beach toys, kayaks and snorkel equipment. In the turquoise crystal clear waters you can sail, fish or even swim with dolphins and sharks. Isla has something for everybody. Explore the natural wonders of the Mexican Caribbean

40 rooms
Big Pool with
Ocean front
Ping pong and Pool tables (recreational area)
Beach with palapas

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