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Holbox  Holbox Land Lots

USD $4,375,000

Excellent opportunity to buy land in Holbox island, in a wonderful spot, west of the island where is possible constructing a Marina Yacht being 200 LM of beach a lagoon area, protected from winds and storms. The land has an extensive area free of mangrovies so building is allowed. It also has 250 LM (linear meters) of beachfront viewing ocean,
The total square meters are 21,000 (2.1 hectareas) and the title of the property is ready to be done at the acquisition time. All documents are regular.
Holbox island is living a boom in interest from part of authorities and from entrepreneurs of the Yucatán area, it has been included in the 2013 listing of Quintana Roo´s touristic places to publicize in the Riviera Maya.
In the island exist already about 30 small hotels with dimensions from 12-25 rooms. Beachfront hotels are all in the north coast, susceptible of winds and hurricanes. Thos area is closed and protected. See by yourself video and photos.

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